The Campaign Wife

These are the semi-edited thoughts of a dogged-Catholic, mother of 3, Republican-party belonging, wife of a Democratic candidate who is running for Kansas State Representative in District 100. Read or don’t read. It’s your choice.


The One Issue Voter

So, my fellow prolifers, this election, I beg you to do more than just vote for the candidates listed on the Kansans for Life literature. If there is a candidate that interests you who is not on the card, do a little digging. You might just find out they are pro-life too!

The Political Mailer

Our Sunday was spent prepping mailers and renegotiating contracts (as per my post The Political Sign).  Glen had been asking me and asking me and asking me to print labels for him.  I have to give the man credit.  He really did try to print the labels on his own, but he just couldn’t get…

The Side Unseen

I have been told politicians don’t get a private life. But sometimes, there are moments when privacy is necessary, when one must step away because the pain is too great to bear publicly.

The Political Sign

As I dashed across the on-ramp of a busy Kansas highway, my brain shouted at me, “And now you are putting your life in jeopardy for this campaign!” Oh, the things you do for the man you love.

The Lessons Learned #1 & #2

Lesson #1: When you’re at a Democratic function, don’t let your husband introduce you as a Republican. Lesson #2: Never let The Candidate go unattended.

The Cheerleader or The Realist

I am an elementary school teacher. I spend most of my day encouraging little minds. So you would think that being my husband’s cheerleader during this campaign would come very naturally. But sometimes, I take a different approach.

Hillary v. Trump Rant

Experience is the harshest teacher, and my experience here in Kansas is that bad things happen when good people choose not to get informed about their local politics. What are you waiting for? Get informed! Go vote!


Discernment – the decision-making process that honors the place of God’s will in our lives; an interior search that seeks to align our own will with the will of God in order to learn what God is calling us to. My discernment process is at its best in the quiet presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

Doggedly Catholic

My Catholic faith runs deep through my veins. It is the greatest gift that God gave to me. He delivered it through two amazing women: my Grandma Petra and my mother.

The Wife, The Designer

My husband thinks I am his own personal graphic designer. And he is the pickiest, non-paying customer a wife could have!

Do you support him? (Part 2)

So let’s address that second question: Do you think this is a good idea? Simply put, yes, I think it’s a fantastic idea.  Glen has always supported me in anything I have wanted to do.  He has always encouraged me to follow my passions, even if it meant that he would be stuck in Wichita…

Do you support him?

At first, I was perturbed by this question.  Now, I find it humorous.  Of course I support him!  He is my husband.  Several people – upon realizing the ridiculousness of their inquiry instantaneously after it floats from their lips – follow up with a different version.  “I realize you support him because you’re his wife, but do…