The Wife, The Designer

My husband thinks I am his own personal graphic designer. And he is the pickiest, non-paying customer a wife could have!


Do you support him? (Part 2)

So let’s address that second question: Do you think this is a good idea? Simply put, yes, I think it’s a fantastic idea.  Glen has always supported me in anything I have wanted to do.  He has always encouraged me to follow my passions, even if it meant that he would be stuck in Wichita…

Do you support him?

At first, I was perturbed by this question.  Now, I find it humorous.  Of course I support him!  He is my husband.  Several people – upon realizing the ridiculousness of their inquiry instantaneously after it floats from their lips – follow up with a different version.  “I realize you support him because you’re his wife, but do…

The Campaign Wife

These are the semi-edited thoughts of a dogged-Catholic, mother of 3, Republican-party belonging, wife of a Democratic candidate who is running for Kansas State Representative in District 100. Read or don’t read. It’s your choice.