Do you support him?

At first, I was perturbed by this question.  Now, I find it humorous.  Of course I support him!  He is my husband.  Several people – upon realizing the ridiculousness of their inquiry instantaneously after it floats from their lips – follow up with a different version.  “I realize you support him because you’re his wife, but do you think running for office is a good idea?”  Again, I’m not really sure what they want me to say.  Maybe something like this:

I think it is a terrible idea.  He is a Democrat who has no idea what he is doing.  If you elect him, it will bring ruin upon our state!  I have told him this time after time but he continues to ignore my pleas and do as he so chooses!

Their question implies that I have had no say in this venture that seeps into every facet of our lives.  Maybe that’s the MO for marriages these days.  Husband and wife arrive home from work.  Husband looks at wife and says, “I have made a life-changing decision that will affect your life and mine.  I hope you will support me in it, but even if you don’t the decision has already been made.  Husband out.”  I guess that might explain why the divorce rate is so high.

Glen and I’s MO is to communicate.  We talked about it before he filed.  We talked about it in calm voices late into the night so as not to wake little sleeping heads.  We talked about it in raised voices on car rides to and from the grocery store.  We talked about the good and the bad.  We just talked.  I’m sure as you imagine these conversations, you hear Glen arguing all the positives, advocating for why running for office is a good idea.  And you hear me as the voice of reason.  Let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.  Glen was the one weighing the pros and cons.  He was the one playing through all the repercussions and consequences.  More often than not, my sentiment didn’t change:

“What the hell took you so long?”

To be continued…


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