Do you support him? (Part 2)

So let’s address that second question: Do you think this is a good idea?

Simply put, yes, I think it’s a fantastic idea.  Glen has always supported me in anything I have wanted to do.  He has always encouraged me to follow my passions, even if it meant that he would be stuck in Wichita (in a state that has winter – this Filipino hates the cold) at a job that put bread on the table but wasn’t exactly on his Top 10 list of fulfilling career choices.

Over the past few months, I have watched a spark grow into a flame.  Glen is passionate about politics.  (Yuck!)  He cares about what he is doing.  Why would I not support my husband in following one of his dreams?  And, what’s even more exciting, especially for Kansas voters, he’s good at what he does!  We hosted a campaign event at our house a few weeks ago.  People were invited to come visit with Glen about the issues.  I watched and listened as my husband sat on the couch, engaging with his soon-to-be constituents.  He actually sounded smart, well-informed, and he even made a few good points!  Shocker!  Proud moment for this mama bear.  Light bulb moment too!  Why would we not want this guy in Topeka?

For some, this whole running for office idea seems like it came from nowhere, like it is a childish whim.  I know better.  Glen was talking about running for office back in college when we first met.  In fact, that was a precursor to his proposal of marriage.  Glen and I have a tendency to do things backwards.  We had been best friends for years before the thought of dating ever crossed our minds.  (Okay, confession.  It was years before it crossed his mind.  I always had a huge crush on him.  Anyway…)  When we finally realized maybe we should date each other, Glen didn’t just ask me to be his girlfriend.  He basically proposed, unofficially. “If we do this, if we start dating, you know I’m going to ask you to marry me.” He has always had a way of telling me what I was in for.  Although sometimes he leaves out some of the details.  For example, Glen once had this dream when we were dating.  In it, he and I were standing in our kitchen.  I was holding a baby on my hip.  He had come inside to refill the pitcher for our guests out on the back deck.  Our toddler came charging in after him, chasing a ball.  Our oldest was still playing outside.  Glen told me that in this dream, we had three boys (and I think he was running for office).  After the birth of our second daughter, Glen confessed the truth.  The children in the dream were all girls.  Glen wanted boys so he figured he would just change that little detail when he told it to me.  If only wishing made it so! I’m sure God was rolling with laughter when Glen told that one.

Well, when Glen decided the time had come for him to propose officially, he had to make sure that I fulfilled certain criteria on that checklist one keeps for your soon-to-be spouse.  “You know if we get married, there’s a possibility that one day you will be a Senator’s wife.  Are you okay with that?  Could you be the wife of a politician?”

If only I knew what my “Yes” would one day entail…


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