The Wife, The Designer

I am not a graphic designer.  I love photography.  I judge photos at Kansas county fairs.  I was my high school’s yearbook photo editor.  I even got my Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology, which required a few college classes that dabbled in graphic design.  So I guess you could say I know a few things about it.  But I am by no means a professional.  I’m not even sure I consider myself to be an amateur.

However, my husband thinks I am his own personal graphic designer.  I guess I should be flattered.  But really, who are we kidding?  This just means I have more work to do.  And he is the pickiest, non-paying customer a wife could have!  Two nights ago (after I put all three children to bed), I was up until close to midnight designing a post card mailer for Glen.  I created what I thought was a very professional design.  When I showed it to him, I could tell he wasn’t pleased.  He didn’t say he hated it.  He didn’t really say much at all.  I mean, if he had at least told me what he didn’t like, I would know what to change.  So I headed back to the drawing board.  As the midnight hour grew closer, I jokingly took every idea we had throughout the evening and put it on one postcard.  Personally, I thought it looked like something a 5-year-old would create.  My husband loved it!  Now I realize, my 5-year-old is a pretty good little artist for her age, but really?

The next morning, I decided to rally some family support on the issue.  I sent three design ideas to my parents and my brother-in-law.  Then I headed to the girls’ swim lessons.  While there, I got an email from my brother-in-law.  He picked the idea vomit!  Asians!  Always attracted to shiny things.

When I got home, my husband had great news.  He decided he wanted to scrap the entire design and start fresh!  I’m not sure which emotion was stronger: relief that we weren’t using the kindergarten art or the desire to punch him in the face.


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