The Cheerleader or The Realist

I am an elementary school teacher.  I spend most of my day encouraging little minds.  So you would think that being my husband’s cheerleader during this campaign would come very naturally.  On Monday night, Glen came to me asking how many votes I thought he would get in the primary election.  I could tell he was wanting me to be his cheerleader, his optimist.  He was feeling a bit nervous, and the kind thing to do would have been to put his mind at ease.  But there’s also a part of me that tends to look at the world realistically.  I find this part helps me to overcome expectations.  And this is the part Glen needed from his campaign wife – even more than the cheerleader.


“2!?!” He questioned.  I figured he would vote for himself so that would be one vote.  But I’m a registered Republican so I wouldn’t be voting for him.  That meant I was hoping he could get one other person to get themselves to the polls to cast a vote for him.

I was just thinking about this scenario logically.  Glen was uncontested in his race.  No one was running against him.  Really, on the Democratic side of the ticket, very few people had contested races.  So why, if I am a Democrat, would I take precious time out of my busy day to head to the polls to vote for the same people that I am going to have the opportunity to vote for again in November?  It just didn’t compute in my mind.  I didn’t want Glen to get his hopes up too high because I didn’t want him to be disappointed.  Plus, I felt like if he got a lower number of votes, it would motivate him to work even harder for the election in November.

Glen was hoping to get 300 votes.  400 would be a phenomenal showing.

He didn’t get 300.  He didn’t get 400.  He got 523 votes!  523!!!  For a Democratic primary, that was amazing!  I laughed as I watched Glen do a little dance in the middle of the living room floor.  He had reason to celebrate!  I am so proud of him.

Topeka, we’re one step closer!



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