The Political Mailer

Our Sunday was spent prepping mailers and renegotiating contracts (as per my post The Political Sign).  Glen had been asking me and asking me and asking me to print labels for him.  I have to give the man credit.  He really did try to print the labels on his own, but he just couldn’t get them to format correctly to fit in the label.  Parts of the address kept getting chopped off or split between two different labels.  When I still hadn’t gotten around to it, he gave up and just started addressing the postcards by hand.  As much as I liked the personal touch, we have over 4000 mailers.  Hand writing the address was just not going to work.  My heart went out to him.  After about 20 minutes, I had the labels formatted and printing correctly.  (Honestly, it may have been closer to 45 minutes but I kept getting interrupted by the kiddos, so I’m going to call it 20.  That’s better for negotiating my pay raise anyway.)

He requested that I print the labels precinct by precinct.  After the first precinct had printed, I asked him if he thought he could do the rest.  “I Glen-proofed it,” I told him.  Then, I imagined myself trying to explain it to him – even with the Glen-proofing – and I decided that I should probably just do it myself.

An hour or so later, all the labels were printed.  My contract – still not renegotiated.


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